Protect your business in a hurricane

How to prepare your business to survive a hurricane

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Hurricanes are a clear and present danger to businesses as well as to individuals. Here's how you can prepare your business to survive the ravages of a hurricane.

1. Have a thorough plan that insures your business will still operate despite power loss or even access to your office.

2. Backup your data using an off-site backup company and make sure that you have your own copy of the data on a hard disk or removable drive that is sealed in a plastic bag and tucked away someplace safe.

3. Add your important business contacts to your cell phone or PDA. You may also want to print them and store in a sealed plastic bag.

4. Know all of your passwords. Don't rely on your PCs to store important password.

5. Secure your office and make sure that all of your computers are password protected in case unauthorized visitors get into your office.

6. Use a UPS for all of your computers to protect against lightning and power losses.

7. Unplug your computers and move them off the floor and away from any windows.

8. Take a photo of your computers in case you need to file an insurance claim later on.



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