9/11: Are Lessons Learned Still Being Applied?

In the weeks and months following 9/11, businesses closely assessed their disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Do they still do that today?


The recent recession and ongoing economic crisis is affecting our current lives, and leaving lasting marks on our IT and business endeavors. Disaster recovery, business continuity and IT contingency planning may be being pushed to the back burner once again. That’s Puglisi’s concern. “Talk to anyone and ask them what are the hot buttons regarding data centers, and they’ll tell you energy efficiency and sustainability. Those are the areas that are most easily getting funding now. Second, you’ll hear the cloud and whether or not it’s being leveraged,” says Puglisi, who also serves the president of the Fairfield Westchester Chapter of the Society of Information Management (SIM) and sits on the executive council of the Cloud Computing Consortium at Stevens Institute. “Third is security. It is the almighty dollar that’s leading. We need it faster and cheaper, then more reliable. Then we need it secure.” Puglisi's not so sure that's the best ranking of priorities. I agree.

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