DNS security

  • Pro-SOPA Comcast uses SOPA-incompatible DNSSEC

    Posted January 11, 2012 - 3:58 pm

    Comcast's executives and its NBC subsidiary are hot for SOPA controls on Internet content. The company's geeks just finished a national rollout of DNS security, and killed a service based on the same mechanism SOPA uses for enforcement because it won't work with DNSSEC.
  • Half of federal Web sites fail DNS security test

    Posted January 27, 2011 - 4:01 pm

    Half of U.S. government Web sites are vulnerable to commonplace DNS attacks because they haven't deployed a new authentication mechanism that was mandated in 2008, a new study shows.
  • Comcast launches first public U.S. trial of advanced DNS security

    Posted February 23, 2010 - 2:34 pm

    Comcast unveiled on Tuesday an aggressive plan to deploy new DNS security mechanisms that are designed to protect Web site operators and consumers from a specific type of hacking attack that involves hijacking Web traffic and redirecting it to bogus sites.

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