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Eric P. Bloom, a former CIO, is president of Manager Mechanics LLC, a company specializing in information technology (IT) leadership development and the governing organization for the Information Technology Management and Leadership Professional (ITMLP©) and Information Technology Management and Leadership Executive (ITMLE©) certifications.

He is also a keynote speaker, nationally syndicated columnist, National Speakers Association member, and author of various books including the following:

- The CIO’s Guide to Staff Needs, Growth, and Productivity
- Your IT Career: Get Noticed, Get Promoted, and Build Your Professional Brand
- Manager Mechanics: Tips and Advice for First-Time Managers.

Prior to founding Manager Mechanics, Eric led technology at Independence Investments and The Boston Company Asset Management. Eric was also a SVP of Business Systems at Monster Worldwide and a VP of Software Development at Fidelity Investments.

Eric began his career as a software developer (programmer) and moved through the ranks to CIO. He understands IT management from the bottom up. As they say, "He walks the walk."

Additional information on Eric can be found at and He can be contacted at

Areas of Interest: Cloud Computing, Hardware, Mobile, Networking, Software, Virtualization, IT Management, IT leadership development


  • I had the great pleasure of speaking with Jim Maholic, a VP in Hitachi Consulting’s Management Consulting and Industries Practice. We discussed how to identify, calculate and communicate the value of large scale IT projects, based on Jim’s book “Business Cases that Mean Business”.

    1 week 1 day ago

  • I’ve been in IT for about four years as an individual contributor and would like to be a CIO one day. How do I get there?

    2 weeks 3 days ago

  • Help! My resume looks great, my job experience is right on target, and I have great references. My problem is whenever I do a phone-based interview or job screening, they never call me back. How can I improve my phone-based interviews?

    3 weeks 5 days ago

  • My daughter just graduated college with a degree in Computer Science and landed a job with an insurance company in their IT department. What makes an IT person successful?

    4 weeks 2 days ago

  • I am an accountant with over eight years experience in banking financial control and wish to change my career and move into IT. I just do not know exactly where to begin the journey.

    5 weeks 1 day ago

  • I have been an individual contributor for almost five years and would like to become a manager. What class should I take to get the management skills I need to be promoted?

    6 weeks 3 days ago

  • I recently graduated from a technical school with the goal of changing careers and entering the IT field. I have a little IT professional experience and my A+ certification. Any tips on finding a job?

    7 weeks 2 days ago

  • The combination of programming and database skills are not only a wonderful combination from a software development perspective, it also has the potential to pivot you into other technical areas.

    8 weeks 3 days ago

  • I had the incredible pleasure of speaking with AARP CIO Terry Bradwell. From a CIO’s perspective, he is living the dream and, in my eyes, is a role model for all IT professionals, from the newest intern to the most experienced CIO. This is what he said and how it can help you in your career.

    9 weeks 1 day ago

  • I have a BS in IT Engineering, my CCNA certification, and am currently studying for my CCNP. I’m also in a post graduate program in network engineering. My graduate classes seem out of date and boring. I don’t have time to do both, should I prepare for the CCNP exam or continue my university studies?

    10 weeks 2 days ago

  • I have been working on the Help Desk for about five years. I’d like to expand my skills and have been thinking about learning more about supporting mobile devices. Do you think this is a good idea? If yes, what should I learn?

    11 weeks 3 days ago

  • Great IT Client service is much more than just fixing someone’s PC, writing the software they specifically request, flawlessly execute nightly production, and/or provide a stable general computing environment. These are, of course, incredibly important and the basis of IT’s value to the organization, but they are not the whole story.

    12 weeks 3 days ago

  • As the worlds of IT and business continue to converge, the more important it becomes to provide quality client service.

    13 weeks 2 days ago

  • Help! I’m a talented programmer with great experience and a good professional track record. I’ve also been job hunting for months and still can’t find a job. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

    14 weeks 2 days ago

  • Mentors can help navigate the professional as well as the technical side of an IT career.

    15 weeks 1 day ago

  • I had the pleasure of speaking with Jean Dobey, the CEO and Founder of and Tim Morris, the firm’s VP of Marketing and Business Development. Our discussion centered around entrepreneurship as a profession and finding the right idea to start your company.

    16 weeks 3 days ago

  • In last week’s column we discussed four technology related tips and four ways to properly prepare you and your surrounding for Skype based call. This week we will provide additional tips related to screen logistics, interview delivery, and post call activities.

    17 weeks 3 days ago

  • Next week I have a job interview via Skype. I’ve done phone-based interviews, but never using Skype. Anything I should or shouldn’t do?

    18 weeks 1 day ago

  • Moving from a first line management role (IT Manager) to a manager of managers (IT Director), is a bigger professional transition than you may think.

    19 weeks 16 hours ago

  • Moving from the player/coach type role of Technical Lead into an IT Manager role moves you from technical leadership to a position of department stewardship and technical mentor.

    20 weeks 2 days ago

  • Congratulations on becoming a Subject Matter Expert (SME), you are now a recognized expert in your chosen profession. So what’s next?

    21 weeks 3 days ago

  • This column came about due to the convergence of two forces. The first force is the number of questions that I receive on an ongoing basis specifically related to Cisco certifications. The second force was having the pleasure of speaking with Tejas Vashi and Danny Tomic regarding Cisco’s new security certification training programs.

    22 weeks 1 day ago

  • When first entering a technical profession, whether it be as a programmer, help desk professional, tester, security specialist or other technical role, it’s almost like starting over. Yes, you have gained significant knowledge and expertise in college or technical school, but becoming a pro is like starting over.

    23 weeks 3 days ago

  • Very often when a manager asks for volunteers, all the employees in sight look down at their notebooks and mentally chant “not me, not me, not me”. What they should be saying is “pick me, pick me, pick me”.

    24 weeks 1 day ago

  • I’m currently unemployed and would like to find a job in the data security area. I’m currently enrolled in a part-time IT degree program at a local college, but really need a job now to pay the bills.

    25 weeks 2 days ago

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