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  • I was trying to add a new PC to my little 5 computer network, and realized that I have no idea what the password is for my wireless router. I changed it from default, but I was too clever for myself apparently and can’t remember what I changed it to. Is there any way to determine the password? I have physical access to the router.

    44 weeks 5 days ago

  • Are there any significant differences between NTFS Compression and “Zipping” files to save space?

    46 weeks 1 day ago

  • There have been a lot of concern about the security of the fingerprint reader on the new iPhone 5S. Is this something to really be concerned about if you are considering getting one?

    48 weeks 5 days ago

  • The clock icon actually tells the correct time with iOS 7. POW! - Mind. Blown. Weather icon does not tell you anything though (unless you count "push here to find out the weather" as something). If only we had the technology to display information on topics chosen by the user in real time, that would be great.

    49 weeks 1 hour ago

  • It selects adjacent pixels based on how similar the colors are. You can mess around with the tolerance setting to change how many color tones magic wand will select, so play around with that before giving up on the tool. 

    49 weeks 5 hours ago

  • A lot of people have been critical of Apple’s latest iPhone announcements and releases, especially regarding the iPhone 5C. Frankly, to me the 5C looks like an iPhone 5 with a plastic body, not that big of a deal, but some say Apple runs a risk of cheapening the brand. Could the iPhone 5C actually hurt Apple’s brand image?

    49 weeks 6 days ago

  • Is there a way I can print a hard copy of books if I own them on iBooks? I’m going on a camping trip and I would love to read a book I’m about halfway through, but I don’t want to carry around a tablet and be "that person".

    51 weeks 4 days ago

  • I was thinking of signing up for Amazon Prime, mainly for their streaming video service so I can rent new releases that I can’t get on Netflix. Plus I love me some Downton Abbey! At my home, I can’t get decent internet service though, the best available and what I have is DSL rated at 3Mbps, although reality is slightly slower than that even.

    1 year 1 week ago

  • Where can I find a list of current AirPrint compatible printers?

    1 year 2 weeks ago

  • Maybe I’m a little slow, but I don’t really understand the purpose of apps launchers. I mean, Android "launches" the apps already right? Are they just window dressing meant to make Android look prettier, or do they serve some useful purpose as well? Bonus question....what’s a good one (I like prettier)? :-)

    1 year 5 weeks ago

  • Over dinner some friends and I were having a discussion about whether Apple should introduce a cheaper iPhone and increase its market share.

    1 year 6 weeks ago

  • Is there a way to keep an iPhone from auto-syncing with iTunes when you use a USB to connect to a desktop (or laptop for that matter)? I looked at all the phones settings I could think of, but couldn’t find that option.

    1 year 7 weeks ago

  • What do I need to do to pin an app to the Windows 8 homepage?

    1 year 9 weeks ago

  • Ok, to be honest, I was not expecting all that much from Sony at E3. After all, they had already leaked some info about the PS4, and everything indicated that the hardware would be a variation on a theme when compared to the XBox One.

    1 year 11 weeks ago

  • I decided to try the Chrome browser, and while I’m generally happy with it, since I installed Chrome, RealPlayer won’t work with it. Does anyone know how to get RealPlayer to work with the Chrome browser or are they incompatible?

    1 year 12 weeks ago

  • Is it straightforward to use Skydrive on non-Windows Phones? Are there any problems using Skydrive on an iOS or Android device?

    1 year 13 weeks ago

  • I saw the new Facebook phone already on sale for $0.99, a 99% discount in its price just a month after its release. Does this indicate that this concept of branded hardware tied to a company has already failed? I wonder if this could be the "high water mark" of single source social media, i.e.

    1 year 16 weeks ago

  • Like any other operating system that becomes popular, Android is a target of individuals that want to install malware on devices. Earlier this week, Google removed thousands of apps from Google Play, although many of them were junk apps, and not specifically malware.

    1 year 19 weeks ago

  • HTC's new One has what they are calling an UltraPixel camera. Is this something that is actually new (and improved!), or is it just a marketing department branding of existing technology?

    1 year 20 weeks ago

  • How can I stop Gmail from starting downloads of attachments? A lot of times, I connect to Wi-Fi for a couple of minutes to check or download something, and when Gmail starts downloading attachments it slows things down, sometimes a lot. Any way to change this? My phone is a Kyocera with Andoid 4.0, incidentially.

    1 year 21 weeks ago

  • The news wires have been reporting the largest DDoS attack in history is taking place today against a company called Spamhaus. I haven't noticed much of an impact, but the news reports suggest that the effect is being felt by companies including Netflix. How can a single attack have such a wide impact?

    1 year 22 weeks ago

  • Google's new note-taking application, Google Keep, has gone live. I've been using Evernote for well over a year, and am happy with it, but I'm all for simplification and Keep could potentially tie together my notes, calendar, email, photos and Google docs.

    1 year 23 weeks ago

  • I was thinking about replacing a bad HDD on a desktop with an SSD or hybrid drive. Is there a compelling reason to go with the hybrid, or would an SSD be the better choice?

    1 year 24 weeks ago

  • Newsblur is ok I guess, although I would prefer to continue using Google Reader. 

    1 year 24 weeks ago

  • I have a pretty old wireless router for my home network that's a 802.11g standard. Would it be worthwhile to replace it with a new 802.11n router? What differences would I be likely to notice?

    1 year 26 weeks ago

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