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lego christmas holiday tree

The geek gifts you didn't (but still can) get for Christmas 2014

Thankful as you are for your presents, the techie in you knows more is out there. These 10 items may scratch that geek itch.


11 sites that can feel Sony’s pain

These lesser-known data breaches have caused passwords to be spilled all over the Internet as well.

sony pictures sign

What the Sony breach means for security in 2015

The Sony breach has wide reaching implications for security and offers a wake up call to many organizations. But as Beth Rothke explains, not everyone will learn from the lessons of this incident

Top 20 Windows 10 Feedback suggestions

20 hot ideas for Windows 10

Vox populi: Windows Feedback means you can prod Microsoft to change Windows 10 -- but you must vote now.

2014 timessquare

How much of 2014 in tech do you remember? Take our slightly silly quiz!

Mt. Gox? HP's split? WhatsApp? That was all this year, folks! See which stories you can still remember this late in the game.

datacenter wichary flickr

Decisions, decisions: How IT managers are sorting through today's data center architecture options

Cloud, colocation, modular, outsourcing, virtualization and more efficient servers are all vying for your attention as you modernize your infrastructure. Sorting through all the options isn't easy, but here's how some IT managers are...

big data trends

5 big data technology predictions for 2015

Big data technologies have evolved at a torrid pace that shows every sign of continuing in 2015. MapR CEO and co-founder John Schroeder predicts five major developments will dominate big data technology in the new year.

apptravelkit opener

Eliminate travel frustrations with these free Android apps

Whatever your itinerary, these resources can save time, money, and maybe even your sanity.

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6 simple tricks for protecting your passwords

Old-school, effective, and easy ways to keep track of personal and work-related passwords.

122214 passwords 1

6 old-school tricks to protect your passwords

If you’re caught in password purgatory, try these 6 old-school password tricks.

new years fireworks

5 lessons to help security pros craft a New Year’s resolution

2014 taught us a lot of hard lessons about data breaches, privacy and corporate security. As SANS' Dr. Eric Cole points out, there are a number of valuable take aways that security leaders can reflect on to make 2015 a better year.


Heartbleed, Shellshock, Tor and more: The 13 biggest security stories of 2014

The security of the web itself was tested in unprecedented ways in 2014--but the news isn't all bad.


Indie gems: The 15 best PC games you may have missed in 2014

They're small, scrappy, and just as enjoyable as big-name games. Don't miss these standout titles from a busy year.

6 aging protocols that could cripple the Internet

6 aging protocols that could cripple the Internet

From BGP to SSL, several Internet protocols are no match for today’s malicious hackers -- and should be replaced.

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10 cool marketing automation startups to watch

Marketing automation can help can help businesses better target prospects, find and test new products and services. These 10 startups can help businesses plug gaps in their marketing strategy and offer solutions to problems companies...

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 -  Stocking Stuffers

Holiday gift guide 2014: Tech stocking stuffers for small dollars

Part 3 of our annual holiday gift roundup highlights a group of inexpensive but seriously cool gadgets that will make any tech enthusiast a happy camper.

01 blackberry classic title

An in-depth look at the BlackBerry Classic

A closer look at the new BlackBerry Classic smartphone with photos from the device's New York City launch event.

stealing tech talent

10 IT roles to target when poaching talent

IT organizations struggling to find high-quality talent are using a brazen approach to hiring -- poaching workers from within the walls of their biggest competitors. If you're brave enough to try this hire-to-hurt strategy, here are...

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