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Android Performance Boosters

1 mwc tablets

10 cool tablets from MWC 2015

A top 10 tablet tour from the tech types in Barcelona.


Information overload, SIEM version

Our manager is very happy with the performance of his security information and event management platform, but sometimes it’s too much for the network bandwidth. Fortunately, an easy fix is at hand.

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8 rising stars in cloud management

These cloud management tools let you work across multiple cloud services, giving you more flexibility to manage your files.

it resume makeover

IT Resume Makeover: Let your passion shine through

Regardless of where your IT career takes you, maintaining a focus on your ultimate professional goal is the key to an effective resume. In the latest installment of our makeover series, resume expert Caitlin Sampson helps a candidate...

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Flappy apps give users the angry bird

Beware buying apps as they may not be what they seem. Criminals often crowd stores with malware-laden fake versions. Here are several examples.

crime scene digital

The cybercrime economy personified

The cybercrime economy is entrenched in digital fox holes and hoodlum hideouts the world over. It’s not going away. Your best bet is to be the hardest target on the battlefield.

enterprise cloud thinkstock

Why the enterprise cloud needs shadow IT to succeed

Who is really responsible for cloud initiatives in the enterprise? Some say central IT, but studies show that is most certainly not the case. Enter shadow IT, which is very much alive and well in the enterprise.

big data risks

7 IT career risks worth taking

Whether you're just starting out in your tech career or you’re a seasoned IT veteran, knowing when to take risks can mean the difference between success and failure. Here are seven chances worth taking at any stage of your career.

app malware

Attackers clone malware-laden copies of popular apps

Criminal hackers have hacked/cloned most of the top 100 paid apps and top 20 free apps for Android and iOS, according to data from Arxan’s State of Mobile App Security report, 2014.

wasting money

Is your security software sitting unused on the shelf?

Your security software isn't working? It could be because your company is one of the many that doesn't actually use the products they buy.

police inpectors

Who 'owns' an investigation into a security breach?

When things go wrong, as they inevitably will in any organization, the way to resolve those problems starts with an effective investigation. But an advisory council says too often those investigations are plagued with confusion and...

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7 of the most famous spies

Real world spies are continually at work, grabbing government top secrets and business trade secrets. Here are seven of the most famous / infamous spies.

IT certifications that will pay more

IT certification hot list 2015: 10 that deliver higher pay

Not all IT certifications are created equal. Here are those that will result in the most financial gain.

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6 tips to secure your Android device

What you need to know to secure your Android phone.

mobile world congress

6 Linux-y announcements from Mobile World Congress

Linux is enabling hardware and software vendors to create new markets. Here are some of the major announcements from MWC.

1 mwc smartphones

Best new Android & Windows smartphones at MWC 2015

Samsung, HTC, Sony and others debut brand new smartphones at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

march cover

CIOs have to learn the new math of analytics

Today's data-driven business runs on the almighty algorithm. But if you're not careful, those geeky formulas can stir up legal and ethical trouble.

trends data chart growing ladder cloud

CIOs share lessons learned from the journey to the cloud

Shifting your organization's services and infrastructure to the cloud can bring unexpected perils. These are lessons learned from CIOs who have successfully navigated the journey.

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