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The 10 best PC games of 2015 (so far)

With July upon us, it's time to take stock and bask in the glory of what's already shaping up to be a banner year for PC gaming.

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3 steps to digitizing your work for maximum productivity

From legacy documents to the lowly receipt, taking a digital-first approach to your work stuff will bolster collaboration and increase productivity.

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Can Windows 10 save Windows Phone?

The release of Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system may be the last roll of the dice for its struggling mobile platform.

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7 things we hate about Twitter

After nearly a decade on the social scene, Twitter still needs to improve its user experience and fill in notable gaps in the service. These seven problems are long overdue for a fix.

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Securing the ‘Net – at what price?

There is unanimous agreement that 100% security is not possible. But at least one expert says it could come close to that, for $4 billion.

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Why integrated social suites are failing marketers

The central argument for an integrated marketing suite, such as those from Abobe and Salesforce, has yet to be made, yet most marketers think a social suite is the way to go.

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IT talent shortage hitting healthcare hardest

Rather than poach IT pros away from other industries, many healthcare systems are developing in-house IT talent in an effort to close the workforce gap.

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Budding role of IT communications director helps IT deliver its message

As CIOs face rising competition, they are creating a new, dedicated IT communications role to help promote the IT brand and coordinate messaging.

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How to use threat intel to boost mobile security

Integrating threat intelligence feeds with mobile device management platforms can shore up BYOD security.

The best office apps for Android

Best office apps for Android, round 3

Microsoft's Office apps are finally available for Android smartphones and tablets. Here’s how they stack up against past favorites.

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Are benefits for IT workers shrinking?

While tech salaries have increased, many organizations are eliminating benefits like tuition reimbursement, awards and telecommuting. What does this mean for IT workers?

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Why the open source business model is a failure

Most open source companies can't thrive by selling maintenance and support subscriptions. But the cloud may be the key to revenue generation.

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How 7 companies bring power to Hadoop big data applications

Intel and Cloudera joined forces just a year ago to accelerate enterprise Hadoop adoption. Here’s how seven companies have taken advantage of new technology to drive big data.

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What is Second Wave Wi-Fi?

MU-MIMO or Second Wave 802.11ac can deliver significant benefits to enterprise networks, public hotspots.

Beach Reads for Techies

Beach reads for techies 2015

IT pros share their reading plans for the summer and recommend their all-time favorite books for technologists. Elon Musk or Malcolm Gladwell, anyone?

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5 free Wi-Fi tools that help maximize your home network

Wi-Fi is wonderful, and even more so when you use these free tools.

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10 top sites to find legit work-from-home jobs

One of the great things about technology is that it enables you to work wherever you can get an Internet connection. But where do you find legitimate work from home jobs? Here's a list of 10 sites that will put you on the path to the...

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Vicious graphics cards and cutting-edge CPUs: June's most powerful PC hardware reveals

June 2015 was a banner month for PCs, with new CPUs, GPUs, and computers from the titans of the PC industry.

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