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Who is buying the weird, new top-level domains? And why you might (or might not) want to

Expressing yourself? Protecting yourself? Goofing around with a major brand's trademark? Everything is possible.

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Why every CIO needs a cybersecurity attorney

Distinguishing the technical experts from those responsible for legal obligations and risks will help companies develop better breach response plans. Understanding the role of an external cybersecurity firm will only help.

hacking your productivity

5 ways to hack your productivity

If you find it difficult to get as much work done in the day as you’d like, follow these five tips to hack your productivity.

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A.I.-powered assistants step into the enterprise

Artificial intelligence covers a large spectrum of disruptive technologies that will one day change the way we do business. Virtual assistants are a good place to start.

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A secure employee departure checklist

What steps should a business take when an employee is leaving the company in order to minimize threats to your data? Here's a checklist to securely see departing employees out the door

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Sorriest technology companies of 2015

A rundown of the year in apologies from tech vendors and those whose businesses rely heavily on tech.


How to ask for a raise: 7 things your boss wants you to know

Asking for a raise can be a nerve wracking experience -- especially if you’re not sure what to expect. Here are seven things CIOs and hiring managers want you to know about asking for a raise so you can better position yourself for...

Windows 10 visual tour: The good, the bad, and the missing

Windows 10 tour: The good, the bad, and the missing

Microsoft’s latest OS shows polish, promise, and pain almost everywhere you look.

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10 things Windows 10 failed to fix or flat-out broke

Windows 10, you're a great operating system, but...please put these deficiencies on your update list somewhere.

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6 ways to watch televised news without paying for cable or satellite TV

You don't need an expensive channel bundle to stay informed. These online alternatives cater to every interest with nonstop streaming coverage.

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Win this book: "Learn C the Hard Way"

ITworld is giving away five print copies of 'Learn C the Hard Way,' an instructional course for the beginning C programmer -- enter today!

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Electric Cars: Their past, present and future

Electric and hybrid cars are making more appearances among the gas-reliant sedans and SUVs on the road, but what makes an electric car different from a gas-powered car -- other than just plugging it in?

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LaaS (Linux as a Service) -- What you can expect when you build a Linux server in the cloud

Linux servers in the cloud -- cheaper and better than ever.


5 heroes of the Linux world

Who are these people, seen and unseen, whose work affects all of us every day?

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10 questions for Cortana, Siri, Amazon Echo and Google Now

Microsoft’s Cortana virtual assistant is making its desktop debut with Windows 10. How does it compare against the competition?

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10 reasons you should upgrade to Windows 10

Windows diehards take note: Win10 is more than a misguided mash-up of Win7 and Win8.

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Why you should ditch SMS and embrace over-the-top messaging apps

Services like Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp offer so many advantages over the antiquated method of text messaging.

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Is your careers site driving away candidates?

A pleasant job application experience is your best chance of making a great first impression on candidates. Is yours up to par?

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