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  • It's now possible to prove Google that you're the owner of content by using email verification. See the page Your name should appear in a byline below your content and you can link your name to your about page if you want.

    24 weeks 11 hours ago

  • There are quite some differences. Linux is Open Source while Windows is Microsoft only. Open Source means that thousands of programmers from all over the world contribute to a platform. Maybe it are even hundreds of thousands. This creates a strong advantage. 

    1 year 5 weeks ago

  • Hi Ethan! I stopped using Godaddy because the company outsources support to low salary country employees. They cannot afford the higher salaries in the US and UK. Plus they are always trying to sell much more, my hosting account is full of advertisements and promotions. I'm now hosting my sites with Linux Hosts Ltd.

    1 year 16 weeks ago

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