'I'm foolish,' fugitive anti-virus pioneer McAfee tells CNN

After weeks on run from Belize police, tech guru tells reporter he'll return when girlfriend is safe

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McAfee's blog site berated members of what he called the "mainstream media" for portraying his actions as bizarre and erratic.

"How long can the press maintain the 'Drug crazed madman' perspective? I think it will end with Vice Magazine's story. They have seen and heard everything," he said.

McAfee founded McAfee Inc., now a subsidiary of Intel, in 1987. Though he's believed to have made hundreds of millions of dollars from the venture, he has had little association with anti-virus company in recent years.

McAfee moved to Belize a few years ago and set up a drug manufacturing company called QuorumEx.

Earlier this year, Belize's Gang Suppression Unit raided McAfee's home on suspicion that he was running a meth lab. Though they found close to $20,000 in cash, several shotguns and pistols and hundreds of bullets, the lab itself turned out to be involved in manufacturing an herbal antibacterial compound.

The guns were all licensed.

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