Security concerns bedevil Chinese outsourcing

U.S. companies might hesitate to send IT work to China in light of new reports on cyberespionage programs there.

By Jaikumar Vijayan, Patrick Thibodeau, Computerworld |  Government

Intelligence reports dating back to 2005 have consistently warned that the U.S. is a target of economic espionage undertaken by state-sponsored entities around the world.

Nonetheless, said James Slaby, a security analyst at HFS Research, as long as companies follow best practices for securing data, outsourcing to China leads to only "nominally more risks."

Basic security practices "are more important than thinking about where you are physically located," he said.

Daniel Castro, an analyst at the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, said it's unlikely that most "businesses will rethink their offshoring decisions because of the Mandiant report."

However, he warned, "they should all be taking a close look at their risk exposure and mitigation measures for these types of threats."

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