Tech CEOs push for green computing

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The Technology CEO Council isn't concerned about congressional mandates, because
the IT industry is already taking steps to reduce its energy consumption, said
Bruce Mehlman, the group's executive director.

But the U.S. government has a huge impact on energy consumption by adopting
more green technologies, said Applied Materials' Splinter. "The government
is the largest user of energy in our country," he said.

In addition to the ACEEE report, the Technology CEO Council released its own
report, called A
Smarter Shade of Green
. The report lays out the group's environmental policy
principles, including:

-- The president should select a federal agency as a center for energy efficiency
excellence, a model for other agencies going green.

-- The government should invest more in green research.

-- Governments across the world should reduce tariffs on green technologies.

-- The U.S. government should explore tax incentives for deploying energy-saving

-- Companies shouldn't wait for government mandates or incentives, but should
adopt energy-efficient strategies on their own.

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