Greenpeace says the cloud is a carbon polluter

The environmental group wants the big Internet companies to lobby for more sources of renewable energy

By , IDG News Service |  Green IT, environment, Greenpeace

Google and Microsoft, even while they continue to build new data centers, have done work to educate people about how to reduce their energy use. Last year Google even proposed a US$3.7 trillion, 20-year plan to reduce the U.S.'s dependency on fossil fuels.

Still, Greenpeace wants Internet companies to do more to shape the supply of renewable energy available to them, by increasing demand through choices about where they locate new data centers, or by lobbying politicians.

"Ultimately, if cloud providers want to provide a truly green and renewable cloud, they must use their power and influence to not only drive investments near renewable energy sources, but also become more involved in setting the policies that will drive more rapid deployment of renewable electricity generation economy-wide, and place greater R&D into storage devices that will deliver electricity from renewable sources 24/7," Greenpeace said.

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