IT managers aim to reduce power consumption, but roadblocks remain

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A survey by tech distributor CDW has found that IT managers are placing more and more importance on energy efficiency in their work. Almost 80 percent are developing strategies to consolidate their data centers -- and for many of them, cutting energy use is an important motivation. They're putting more power-efficient switches in place and using the network itself to monitor and control energy use.

But there are also struggles. Chief among them, unsurprisingly, is money: many managers feel that they have don't have the budget for the necessary outlays to reduce energy use, even if reducing energy would save money in the long run. (It's worth noting, though, that less than one in five managers believe that the cost of energy-efficient equipment would be prohibitive.) An even more basic problem faces some managers: many aren't even able to say for sure how much energy their IT departments consume, as their energy costs are rolled into the general costs for the enterprise, or perhaps represent a fixed portion of their rent.

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