What you missed: Energy-efficient Ethernet has arrived, with real savings

The No. 6 top sleeper tech story of 2010

By Bill Snyder, InfoWorld |  Green IT, 802.3az, Ethernet

According to Lepak, the 802.3az standard covers 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T, 10GBase-T, 1000Base-KX, 10GBase-KX4, 10GBase-KR, and the 10-Gigabit Media-Independent Interface (XGMII) extension using the 10-Gigabit Extended Extended Sublayer (XGXS) for the physical layer in the OSI network stack. What this means is that it will cover virtually all of the standard products in the office and home environments, such as laptop and desktop computers, servers, switches and routers, and home access devices.

In early December, Hewlett-Packard began shipping a family of network switches it claims are the first to comply with the new standard.

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