Snowman in the Desert [video]

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Panasonic’s SPARKS project includes a bunch of ‘eco ideas’, which focuses on innovative experiments in everyday life. The team recently received a message from a young Bahrain girl named Amna on their fan page, which said, “Snow never falls in Bahrain, so I would like to show my little brother his very first ‘snow.’”

With that, the SPARKS team traveled to Japan and packed a snowman into some Panasonic vacuum insulation panels (they didn’t use any compressor refrigeration), and then traveled the 8,000 kms to deliver the snowman.

The team documented the project in the following three videos:

Part 1: In Japan, the team makes the snowman and packs it up.

Part 2:: The team arrives in Bahrain and meets Amna and her little brother, and unload the snowman.

Part 3: The team reveals the snowman and the kids get to see (and taste) real snow from Japan.

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