R/C car powered by soda cans

Researchers show off aluminum-powered car; flux capacitor still missing


A student and professor at ETSEIAT (part of the University of Barcelona) have patented the dAlH20rean, a radio control car that runs with recycled aluminum as their main fuel source (using soda can rings mainly). According to the pair, the car's propulsion system "closes the cycle of aluminium and does not generate any C02 emissions."

The car is inspired by a scene from "Back to the Future", where Doc Brown opens up a trash bin and fuels the time machine in a mythical fusion reactor."

While the pair hasn't been able to time travel yet (at least they're not telling us if they have), the R/C car does get a top speed of 30km per our per charge of 40 minutes.

dAlH2Orean H2 R/C Car powered by Aluminium from Aleix Llovet on Vimeo.

Read more about the project here.

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