In 2009 the development of IT industry trends: the economy is likely to remain slack

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In the going days of the year 2008, there have been many major events, including Barack Obama in the United States won the presidential election, as well as the spreading economic crisis, and so on. These factors will also bring the IT industry a lot of uncertainty in 2009. To this end, IDG News Service has bewritten about the forecast of IT industry trends in 2009 in USA. It should be noted that this forecast does not include that Microsoft is to acquire Yahoo or Yahoo's search business, because they believe the deal will be reached by the year 2008.

First, the economy is likely to remain slack.

In 2009, the economy will continue to be reported to occupy the major news media headlines. I believe no one knows how long will the economic downturn last. However, we believe that by mid-2009, there will be a sign of improvement, growth will start at the end of the year. However, this process will be accompanied by more layoffs, the IT departments of companies will also be difficult. The hardware and consumer electronics industry in 2009 will be hit hard. FITCH believes that in 2009 the global PC shipment growth will be stagnant or even decline of 3%.

Second, DDR3 become mainstream.

Everything has two sides, as well as the economic downturn. Economic downturn can drive innovation, enterprises need new technologies and new products to attract consumers, it’s particularly prominent at DRAM market. Many DRAM makers are stepping up the development of DDR3 memory chips, with a view to the market as soon as possible. In order to promote the DDR3 memory chips, they also need the support of mainboard, chipset manufacturers, as well as microprocessors. However, we believe that DDR3 will become the new mainstream DRAM chip in 2009.

Third, notebooks will be depreciatory.

The notebook is under a wide range of concerns for its compact size, low-cost energy-saving features. Sony VGP-BPS2, dell xps m1210, toshiba a10, I believe that most you guys know that as your pets. The notebook industry will keep a high-speed development, but we believe that the average price of such products from the current 400-500 U.S. dollars down to 200-300 dollar range. This mainly depend on the production capacity of manufacturers. The greater the yield, the lower the price.

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