EMC manages Microsoft SharePoint data with new SourceOne product

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As Microsoft readies a new version of SharePoint, EMC is releasing software that will archive SharePoint data and help IT control the growing data volumes created by the product.

"What we're seeing is customers need to gain control over SharePoint, mainly because of its explosive growth," says Gabriela Garner, director of product marketing at EMC.

Dissecting Microsoft Office 2010

EMC on Wednesday is announcing SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint, a new product, and adding SharePoint support to existing SourceOne software tools that perform e-discovery and data management. EMC's announcement is timed to coincide with Microsoft's launch of Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010, but SourceOne will be able to handle data from previous versions of SharePoint as well.

EMC cited research that indicates the U.S. SharePoint market is expected to surpass $5 billion by 2012, and that many large companies are creating more than 100 new SharePoint sites each month.

"Basically users love the experience and SharePoint is growing virally," Garner says. "But IT has limited visibility. When it comes to SharePoint, anybody can add sites and IT may not even know about it. It's hard to manage what you don't control."

SharePoint archiving is nothing new, with vendors such as Symantec tackling the problem. EMC's own Documentum software already archives SharePoint, but with the SourceOne release EMC officials say they are going beyond simple archiving capabilities with more comprehensive information governance.

Features of SourceOne Archiving for SharePoint include automatic removal of SharePoint content from Microsoft SQL server for inactive sites, and compliance with long-term retention and disposition requirements while allowing users continued access to SharePoint content even after it has been archived.

SourceOne for SharePoint will be generally available in June, and cost $30 to $40 per user for perpetual licenses, with discounts available for existing SourceOne e-mail management customers.

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