Virtualization, cloud computing to dominate Interop

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Virus and malware attacks are coming at the enterprise from all angles, from the rudimentary to the highly complex. Using research from McAfee Labs and the experiences of real customers, McAfee will "paint a clear picture of today's threat landscape" to illustrate the differences "between insiders, industrialized hackers, and advanced persistent threats." Session attendees will learn about attacker motives, attack vectors, and the countermeasures enterprises can take that don't rely on a specific vendor or product.  

Speaker - Brian Contos, Director Global Security Strategy, McAfee

Thursday, May 12

9 a.m. Off the hook: Advances in wireless LAN technologies

Wireless LAN is constantly evolving with new standards, specifications and technologies. This session will explain important developments, discuss implications for enterprise network planning and operations, and offer a glimpse into "the farther-term future of the wireless LAN."

Moderator - Fanny Mlinarsky, President, OctoScope

10:15 a.m. Social networks and security - can you have both?

It's getting more and more difficult for businesses to block employees from accessing social networks. They're not only popular, but they provide important business benefits, yet also "unheard-of security risks." This session will detail the security and privacy troubles posed by social networks while showing how enterprises can use them effectively without putting security and data at risk.

Speaker - Ben Rothke, Senior Security Consultant, British Telecom

11:30 a.m. The new age of WAN optimization

Deploying a WAN optimization controller yourself or obtaining one as part of a managed service aren't the only ways to handle "chatty protocols and the need to transmit large files" anymore. As the lineup of Interop sessions comes to a close, this panel will debate the pros and cons of various new WAN approaches, including software-as-a-service providers that offer network and application optimization functionality and WAN services with embedded optimization functionality.

Moderator - Jim Metzler, Vice President, Ashton Metzler & AssociatesPanelist - Mark Weiner, Senior Vice President of Marketing, VirtelaPanelist - Neil Cohen,, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Akamai TechnologiesPanelist - Tony Kourlas, Business Services Product Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent

Pick of the day

InteropNet tour and OpenFlow Lab

The InteropNet, the network that powers the Interop conference, is among the most impressive temporary computing networks in the world. The network is sponsored by Cisco, VMware, F5 Networks, HP, McAfee and many others, and this year features an OpenFlow Lab to help attendees examine the emerging OpenFlow network standard.

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