The green IT stars of 2011

InfoWorld's 2011 Green 15 Awards: Sustainable IT practices bring rich rewards

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Adhering to its vision of sustainability, the district further found a way to reduce packaging waste by requesting IT hardware vendors deliver computers and monitors on pallets instead of sending them individually. All in all, the district reports savings of around $300,000 while reducing its carbon footprint by 3,670 tons per year.

2011 Green 15 winner: The Copernicus Group Independent Review Board Charged by the FDA to review biomedical research, the Copernicus Group Independent Review Board used to generate what amounted to a 22-foot-tall pillar of paper documents each week. Not only was the practice wasteful, the group's paper-reliant practices were highly inefficient. Today, the company is 97% paperless thanks to a series of IT projects culminating in a homegrown document-management portal called Connexus.

The paperless effort started in 2008 when the CGIRB installed Sitrof DocuShare to manage nonregulated documents that did not required CFR-11 compliance, such as vacation requests and contracts. The CGIRB then hired an outside party to scan, index, and archive some 5 million legacy documents and publish them to DocuShare. From there, the group added the DocuShare Compliance Module for document management and collaboration.

CGRB then worked with Xerox and Sitrof to launch Connexus. The portal integrates with DocuShare, enabling clients and users to securely submit and access all document types, including those that require CFR-11 compliance. Electronic signature functionality eliminates the need to ship or fax documents back and forth to be signed with a pen.

The CGIRB paperless-office efforts have saved the organization more than $2 million on shipping, printing, postage, and file storage. Staffers can now digitally search through 5 million pages' worth of legacy documents and process client requests in 3.7 minutes on average instead of 104 minutes as had been the case in its paper-based era.

2011 Green 15 winner: Fairfax County Government Serving one of the largest counties in the United States, the Fairfax County Government launched several IT projects to save tax dollars and decrease the county's carbon footprint, including a 1E PC power management deployment to automatically shut down 14,000-plus end-user PCs across 55 offices when not in operation.

Fairfax also deployed Nomad Enterprise to deliver operating system upgrades, software deployments, and patches to PCs, servers, and sites without disruption. What's more, the country rolled out a self-service software deployment portal through which users can locate and install software without requiring IT staff to visit their office.

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