Flying car gets green light to drive in the US

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flying car

Image credit: Terrefugia

It's rare the Wall Street Journal and British papers (Daily Mail and The Sun) act so giddy about the same story, but that's what the idea of a flying car does to people. Yes, the Terrefugia Transition has gotten regulatory approval to fly and drive in the US.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration really calls this a "roadable aircraft" meaning it's more a plane that taxis really really well than a great car that can fly above traffic jams. But "flying car" sounds so much more James Bond, doesn't it? Maybe that's why our British friends share our excitement.

I live about two miles from a municipal airport, so this would be perfect for me. Now I just need the $10,000 deposit to reserve one of these $200,000 beauties until they become available late next year.

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