Leveraging virtual I/O technologies to achieve converged infrastructures: The road to the private cloud

By Lloyd Carney, CEO, Xsigo Systems, Network World |  Virtualization, private cloud

Achieving this requires rethinking the infrastructure. Just as we re-engineered the servers with server virtualization a few years ago, we now need to rethink the server connectivity. Fortunately, the needed virtual I/O technologies are here, and they are proven in large scale deployments. The payoff is incredible savings and flexibility for companies of all sizes. The challenge lies simply in transitioning from a traditional infrastructure and selecting the best virtual I/O solution.

Xsigo Systems Inc. is the leader in virtualized infrastructure, helping organizations reduce costs and improve business agility. Based on patented and award-winning technology, Xsigo offers a complete family of infrastructure virtualization products, including the Xsigo I/O Director and the Xsigo Server Fabric. For more information, visit www.xsigo.com.

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