Geek 101: What is Arduino?

Arduino microcontrollers are popular in DIY and modding circles. But how can you put one to good use?

By Elizabeth Fish, PC World |  Hardware, Arduino, DIY

For some additional inspiration on what you could make with your Arduino kit, follow geeky technology blogs (such as this one!) that showcase the finest hacks, or check out Freeduino for a listing of handy tips when you're fine-tuning the microcontroller. Make's blog and Instructables also have good Arduino sections. If you idea or project could be beneficial to other people, drum up some support on Kickstarter.

So if you are looking for an affordable way to start programming cool robotics and other projects, and Arduino is a great--and fun--place to start. So what are you going to create with Arduino? Don't forget to tip us off when you're done with your next awesome creation!

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