Synology RackStation: Virtualization storage on the cheap

Synology finally hits the midrange sweet spot in price, performance, and capacity with the 10-drive, rack-mount RS3411RPxs

By Paul Venezia, InfoWorld |  Virtualization

There are enterprise-level features that the RS3411RPxs is missing, like the VMware storage offloading APIs that make a huge difference in storage performance for large virtualization infrastructures. But again, we're talking about a device that costs $4,999 (without disk). Trade-offs are to be expected.

Shops with smaller virtualization deployments will find that the RS3411RPxs has the right blend of redundancy and performance to kick their VMs up a notch without breaking the budget. Others will find that using the RS3411RPxs as a backup target, application server, or general file server provides peace of mind.

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