HP launches touchscreen display 11 feet by 7 feet by 32 fingers

Touchscreen takes orders from 32 fingers at a time, runs on two PCs and one GPU


The $125,000 HP VantagePoint systems use 47-inch monitors, resolution of 4098x1536, augmented reality software from AR developer Total Immersion, driven by two PCs and only one graphics card.

The displays are protected in front with Gorilla Glass designed to resist the impact of a projectile travelling as fast as 56 miles per hour.

The setup is designed as an interactive display, not just fancy signage.

The use case isn't that well defined by either HP or anyone else trying to sell the things, but predictions that high-end retailers will be able to attract more shoppers or keep them in the store longer using apps to let them virtually try on clothes, design their living rooms around a new piece of furniture, customize a car or kitchen or window treatment aren't complete fever dreams.

Somehow, no matter how big the display, how big the technical challenge or how big the cost, there's always someone willing to pay one cost or all three, if only to make the rest of us envy the magnitude of their display.

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