HP's power announcements and missed opportunities

By Rob Enderle, CIO |  Data Center, HP

HP's recent coming out party unveiled products ranging from an enhanced server line to a new range of thin clients to the first all-in-one workstation. What's missing is an HP corporate story along with what may be the major competitive opportunity. Let me explain.

The Power of an Umbrella Company

You can see the power in the HP umbrella company structure in the shear and impressive breadth of the offerings released last month. Let's take a look at each major announcement:

Project Voyager

This Generation 8 announcement links networking, storage and server announcements into an impressive suite of offerings. This was the third of three big and somewhat related announcements from HP over the last 100 days. The first was Project Moonshot, which brought ARM into the mission critical space and created the first enterprise solution for massive virtualization offered by this class of vendor. The second was Project Odyssey an effort to unify x86 and UNIX server architectures to provide a single hardware roadmap that will embrace UNIX, Windows Server and Linux platforms.

Project Voyager goes into the fabric of the solution to create a level of intelligence that may be unmatched in a broad-based ecosystem. This includes integrated lifecycle automation, dynamic workload acceleration, automated energy optimization, and proactive service and support. Impacts range from a promised 3x administration productivity improvement lowering staffing requirements, to a 6x performance gain, to a 70% improvement in energy efficiency. This solution has 150 design innovations dealing with internal monitoring, to ease of service, massive investment in solid state technology and physical security.

Overall, this is one of the most impressive announcements from any vendor and it is one of three in the last 100 day that were equally impressive.

Thin Client Refresh

Most companies can focus on either the client or the server portion of a solution, but HP is one of the few that can do both. It is also the only company of its scale that has a fully fleshed out thin client solution. Last month, it refreshed the t610 and t510 thin clients offerings. The 610t is based on AMD Fusion APU technology, basically a PC on a chip. These can support up to four monitors.

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