When it comes to analyzing safety data, FAA might be in database hell

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Responsible entity: FAA, USDA Pilots, air traffic control personnel, and others involved in civil aviation

Description/safety data collected: Bird and other wildlife strikes

• Near Midair Collision System (NMACS)

Responsible entity: FAA Pilots and other flight crew members

Safety-related data collected: Near midair collisions

• National Transportation Safety Board Aviation Accident and Incident Database

Description/safety data collected: NTSB investigators Aviation accidents and major incidents.

Considering what it has to deal with the GAO says the FAA has put in place data quality controls that it considers good practices for handling data. The FAA's Office of Aviation Safety established a data management framework that includes a four-step process for importing data from other FAA offices and external sources, the GAO stated. This process includes:

1. data acquisition — obtaining information from various data owners,

2. data standardization — validating data by comparing a new data set with previous data sets to identify inconsistencies,

3. data integration — translating data values into plain English and correcting data errors, and

4. data loading — importing data into the agency's own systems.

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