Juniper joins Cisco, Enterasys in BYOD management fray

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Juniper this week unveiled new and enhanced products designed to secure mobile device access to enterprise networks.

Products for mobile device and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) management include updated Junos software for the Juniper SRX550 Services Gateway and SRX110 Services Gateway; new wireless LAN access points; and additions to Junos and Junos Pulse software. The products are intended to let IT managers define and enforce unified policies to control user access to enterprise networks based on who they are, where they are, what applications they are using, and from what device.

Cisco and Enterasys both recently announced new and enhanced products for BYOD and mobile device management. Other vendors are expected to follow suit at next week's Interop 2012 conference in Las Vegas.

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Juniper's SRX550 combines security, routing and switching in a single platform for medium to large branch deployments. The SRX110 is a network and security platform for enterprise and small branch environments. Juniper updated the AppSecure feature in the latest release of its Junos software for the SRX gateways to now enable enforcement of application security and control based on the user and device, which is designed to allow for consistent enforcement regardless of location or device.

The WLA322 and WLA321 series WLAN access points target low-to-medium density environments. They are compliant with the IEEE 802.11n standard.

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