HP has all the ingredients for software defined networking, almost

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LAS VEGAS -- HP says it has all of the necessary orchestration tools for its software defined networking strategy - the big question is, will it build its own controller?

HP Networking officials wouldn't say. Currently HP OpenFlow-enabled switches interoperate with controllers from various vendors, as demonstrated in the OpenFlow Lab on the Interop exhibition floor. But HP wouldn't say if it will stick to this route or roll its own.

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"We can't comment on too forward looking (developments) but controller is part of a larger picture for an offering in SDN, no question" said Bethany Mayer, senior vice president and general manager of HP Networking. "That's about all I can say."

HP Networking CTO Saar Gillai expanded on it a little bit, hinting that SDN control does not just involve the company's networking gear.

"We see the control plane as not just a networking thing in our (Converged Infrastructure) architecture," he said. "We see the control plane as something that goes beyond just that and obviously we see the control plane as very important part of the network and of CI. It's very important."

Converged Infrastructure is HP's strategy to create virtual pools of server, storage and networking resources to run business operations.

SDN orchestration is pretty much all set, and again, it reaches beyond just the networking infrastructure. Mayer said HP's Virtual Application Network, which she discussed in her Interop keynote address this week, is an example of SDN orchestration.

"We already have quite a bit of orchestration, not just in networking but in the larger enterprise group - with CloudSystem Matrix capabilities," she said. "Our Intelligent Management Center has integration with CloudSystem Matrix."

"One of the benefits of HP, for networking and for servers and storage, is that we can orchestrate everything in the infrastructure and automate an awful lot more than other competitors or other vendors can. We can do integrated orchestration across all of our products."

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