AMD's Trinity processor vs. Intel's Ivy Bridge

How do AMD's next-generation A-Series processors match up against Intel's latest Ivy Bridge chips?

By Melanie Pinola, PC World |  Hardware, AMD, Intel

If you require a mobile powerhouse with the best processing performance possible, an Intel quad-core i7 will be your better bet. But if you're a gamer or want longer battery life in your laptop, AMD has an edge over Intel.

And despite the less-than-overwhelming overall CPU performance gains, Trinity-based laptops will be more than fine for mainstream tasks.

Also not to be dismissed: Trinity-equipped laptops will, in general, be cheaper than laptops equipped with Ivy Bridge processors. For instance, AMD's ultrathin laptops are set to be priced about $200 lower than Intel Ultrabooks.

The HP Envy Sleekbook with AMD processor is the first example of this; the Sleekbook is $150 cheaper than HP's new Envy Ultrabooks with Intel processors.

Stay tuned for more AMD Trinity-based laptop news and reviews.

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