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So back to what Stroustrup thinks about Snopes taking up his cause. His website includes a couple of warnings to would-be correspondents that they should not hold their breath awaiting a prompt reply - "I get a lot of email ... sometimes I get overwhelmed" -- yet he needed under an hour to answer my inquiry. It's clear this indignity has gotten under his skin.

"This hoax has been doing the rounds for about a decade. It seems that several times every year someone (usually someone who dislikes C++ for some reason) finds it funny and re-posts it somewhere," Stroustrup says. "By now, I'm a bit tired of it."

I told him I found it difficult to fathom that people actually believe he said the things he didn't say.

"Yes, it is amazing. But every year I get several emails asking me to confirm it or say that it is wrong. It's a FAQ :-)"

He means that literally, too, as in it's listed among the FAQs on his website.

So does he anticipate that the Snopes debunking will do any good?

"Not really. The main effect will probably be to add one more source of the 'interview.' "

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