What Makes the Nexus 7 the Best Android Tablet by Far

It's not so much what the 7-inch tablet does, but what it doesn't do (freeze, lag, confound).


You can install the Amazon MP3 store/player or, with a few more clicks, get the Amazon Appstore working and tie your tablet to a direct competitor’s ecosystem. You can replace the stock music/podcast/sync app with doubleTwist and sync iTunes directly to your Nexus 7. Google makes it very easy to buy things from them, but it definitely doesn’t bar you from entirely avoiding them, either. It’s only a selling point for people who think somewhat deeply about how they use their tablet, but it’s a point Google seemed to miss entirely with another I/O-launched device, the Nexus Q.

What do you think of the Nexus 7? Are you eager to see what Google can do with 7 smooth, relatively cheap inches of screen space?

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