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By Thor Olavsrud , CIO |  Consumerization of IT, BYOD, IT Consumerization

Red Bend is not alone. Virtualization juggernaut VMware has launched a similar project, called Horizon Mobile Virtualization, to allow the enterprise to deploy its own secure virtual phone images to employee-owned smartphones.

Put a Virtual Desktop on Your Phone

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) specialist Desktone is also using virtualization to solve the BYOD puzzle, but with an approach that differs from Red Bend's. Rather than virtualizing the phone, Desktone is virtualizing users' desktop computers and deliver them as a service, giving them the ability to access that virtual desktop via different devices, from a physical desktop or laptop to a tablet or smartphone.

"Rather than managing devices, it's more about managing users," says Danny Allan, CTO of Desktone and former directory of security research for IBM.

Desktone's solution allows organizations to set policies for how services can be accessed and with which devices. For instance, it could allow a user to access a certain service from an iPad while on the road but not while in the office, or vice versa.

In the end, whichever strategy you adopt for dealing with BYOD, the vendors all agree that the key is to secure your sensitive data while still providing the end user the freedom and flexibility to use devices to enhance their productivity. If your solution is too onerous to use, end users won't use your apps and you'll fail to recognize the productivity gains mobile computing offers.

"If the solution that you apply is too restrictive, then as much as everyone wants BYOD, it's simply not going to be a practical solution because no one will use it," Duckering says.

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