Juniper: We have 200 QFabric data center switch customers now

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General Dynamics has deployed QFabric as part of its core network in two of its U.S. data centers, Johnson said.

"We have momentum in switching, and we believe we will continue to outgrow the market, despite the current mixed outlook for overall enterprise spending," he said.

Juniper still has work to do to bulk up sales of its SRX security product in the enterprise, however, company officials acknowledged. In the second quarter, though, Juniper did see sequential and yearly growth in enterprise security "for the first time in quite awhile," Johnson said.

Juniper's working on enhancements to the SRX platform in an effort to appeal to large enterprises and smaller deployments at the campus and branch level, said Robert Muglia, executive vice president of Juniper's Software Solutions Division. Current work is focused on the SRX's AppSecure application visibility and control package, he said.

Meanwhile, Juniper clarified where it sees the application delivery control (ADC) technology licensed from Riverbed fitting alongside the ADC technology it current uses from Radware. Radware's ADC technology is written to the Juniper Junos SDK on the MX router, and then Juniper and Radware collaborate on joint sales and marketing to MX customers, company officials said. It's just like the arrangement Juniper has with other ecosystem partners developing to Juniper platforms, they said.

Riverbed is more strategic. Juniper is actually licensing Riverbed's Steelhead mobile technology to include in its Pulse client software, and perhaps other Juniper-branded products.

"In terms of our R&D investment, it will be focused on the Riverbed technology," Muglia said. "That's where we'll be putting our own investment. And in terms of bringing Juniper-based products to market, it will be based on that technology."

Several years ago, Juniper acquired two companies in the ADC and WAN optimization space: Redline and Peribit. Not much came from those acquisitions, but now that Juniper's in the data center switching space it's time to revisit the technology, Johnson says.

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