Which Ultrabooks have user-replaceable batteries? Too few

Many of the new Ultrabooks have batteries that are difficult or impossible to replace. If that bothers you, check your model before you buy.

By Melanie Pinola, PC World |  Hardware, Ultrabooks

Other Ultrabook batteries are fairly easy to remove yourself, but there are caveats. Replacing the battery on the Vizio Thin+Light Ultrabook or the Samsung Series 9, for example, will void either the battery warranty or the laptop warranty.

Some Ultrabooks, like the Acer Aspire S3, simply make it very difficult to replace the embedded battery yourself.

If youre concerned about having to send your laptop off to the service depot for a battery change or dont want to jump through hoops just to keep your laptop running for more than a couple of years, consider whether your next laptop will let you change the battery yourself or not.

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