VMworld 2012: Location data will be Holy Grail for real-time apps, tech CEOs say

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Gelsinger says that businesses need to revise their organizational structure as they adopt new technologies that alter how their infrastructure works. The networking group at some businesses still butt heads with their counterparts in storage and computing. With virtualization of data centers, he says, database administrators no longer control information; that is done at the virtualization layer. IT needs to look at itself as a service organization that charges business units for services.

The group identified what it saw as trends affecting IT. Dell says that open source efforts such as Linux and Open Stack have drawn a large group of vendors to join in. The open communities nurture innovation that results in better products for customers, he says.

Georgens says the trend he sees is cloud, and the surprise is that large enterprises seem to be embracing it even though on paper it looks like it would be more attractive to mid-size businesses.

Maritz says business IT leaders need to tell their customers - and these could be internal customers - that in order to deliver new levels of business agility they may have to leave behind their legacy infrastructure and ways of doing business. These leaders need to say, "You need to give us leeway," because they have hard choices to make.

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