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Why settle for average when you can find tech that’s magnificent, marvelous, or matchless?

By Christina DesMarais, PCWorld |  Hardware, digital cameras, slideshow

Tiny: Point Grey Flea3 4K Webcam

If you need to do surveillance—and get results with an insane level of detail—this ice-cube-sized Canadian-made camera is for you.

Its 4K resolution, a huge step up from the current 1080p standard, is the next big thing in HD video.

And Point Grey’s Flea3 webcam is currently the smallest 4K camera in the world. Although the tiny camera measures just over an inch at its thickest part, it packs a superpowered 8.8-megapixel Sony Exmor R sensor that can capture 4096-by-2160-pixel footage at 21 frames per second.

The Flea3 can pipe video to any USB 3.0-equipped device in real time, as well.

Point Grey Flea3 4K Webcam | $945

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