A disappearing vendor ... and a troll who can't hide

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While irresponsible and just plain rotten to the core, it doesn't appear that what this fool did rises to a damage level calling for criminal prosecution. After all, if we're going to bring the force of law to bear on those who use the Internet to spread falsehoods, we might find ourselves atop the slipperiest of slippery slopes ... and almost certainly the most crowded one.

Tripathi, who did apologize, was forced to resign his position as a political consultant. If he gets to keep his day job on Wall Street he will be lucky; if not, he will receive little sympathy.

But most of all, the same Internet that this guy so blithely abused during a time of crisis will make sure that what he did is not soon forgotten.

Just Google his name.

All the legal system could do is fine him a few dollars.

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