Backed by $48M, startup Plexxi unveils SDN wares

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SDN startup Plexxi this week unveiled its products, which attempt to re-engineer data center networks for new applications and cloud traffic patterns.

The company's first two products -- Plexxi Control and Plexxi Switch 1 -- are designed to make network topologies more efficient and supportive of current workload needs for big data, mobility and service-oriented architectures. Plexxi Control is server-based software that computes connectivity to support workload needs. Plexxi Switch provides low-latency 10G and 40G Ethernet access connections, and interconnect with each other using the company's LightRail optical interface.

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Plexxi Control has algorithms that provide network orchestration, management and control based on the needs of the workloads. The SDN controller uses distributed processing at the edge of the network for scale, and centralized knowledge for topology planning and optimization, Plexxi says.

The Plexxi Switch (below) uses high-density optical multiplexing to create single-tier programmable networks, the company says. The LightRail interconnect system provides 400Gbps of assignable core capacity per switch, scaling linearly with each switch to achieve 100Tbps in a 250-switch network, Plexxi claims.

The result is a system that creates a "workload-optimized" physical network that delivers what applications need when they need it, the company claims.

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