Lenovo storms CES with a deluge of Windows 8 hardware

From buttoned-up business machines to a watercooled gaming rig, Lenovo unleashes a flurry of eclectic Windows 8 hardware

By Jon Phillips, PC World |  Hardware, CES, Lenovo

Lenovo, stop. Please -- just stop. The sheer volume of your CES offerings is out of control, and we're not sure the world can absorb so many new Windows 8 hardware announcements in a single day.

Microsoft, HP and Dell don't even have booths at CES 2013, but Lenovo has come to Las Vegas with bullish bravado and a seemingly bottomless trunk of new Ultrabooks, laptops, desktops and even a mobile display. The theme that threads almost everything together: Windows 8, in all its touchy, feely, fingerprinty glory.

The new Lenovo line-up spans from relatively pedestrian business machines to a hardcore gaming box, and the company made sure to include 10-point multitouch control on almost every device that warrants that feature.

Let's have a look at the seemingly never-ending line-up. (An intermission has not been scheduled, so please take your bathroom break now.)

Six new Ultrabooks and laptops

Lenovo's U series Ultrabooks top the list with the addition of 10-point multitouch LCDs (previous U models lacked touch-sensitive displays). The U310 Touch is 18mm thick, 3.85 pounds, and has a 13.3-inch screen. The U410 Touch is 21mm thick, 4.4 pounds, and has a 14-inch screen. Both models include Lenovo's "Intelligent Touchpad," which supports Windows 8 gesture controls.

Each U series machine boasts a 1366x768 widescreen display, and can be outfitted with various Intel processors up to Core i7. The U310 comes with integrated Intel graphics, while its big brother features Nvidia silicon. Wake-from-sleep is rated at 1 second, and battery life is spec'd at 8 hours.

The U310 will be available in March with prices starting at about $780. The U410 hits in April with prices starting at about $850.

If these entry fees are cost-prohibitive, you can explore two new Z Series machines. Aimed at, well, less discerning computer users, neither meets the lightweight Ultrabook spec, but they're less expensive than the U models, and still include Windows 8-ready, multitouch displays.

The Z400 Touch is 29.15mm thick, 5.3 pounds and comes with a 14-inch screen. The Z500 Touch is actually a smidgen thinner at 28.75mm, but weighs in at 5.7 pounds and comes with a 15.6-inch screen. Both models feature 1600x900 widescreen resolutions, Intel processors up to Core i7, Nvidia GeForce graphics, and the same Windows 8-ready "Intelligent Touchpad" founds on Lenovo's new Ultrabooks.

Both Z series machines start at around $699, with the Z400 landing in March, and the Z500 in April.

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