Startup takes aim at multi-hypervisor management

By Brandon Butler, Network World |  Virtualization

An updated version of software from startup HotLink aims to ease the management of multi-hypervisor environments, as well as provision off-premises resources, like VMs from Amazon's cloud, all from VMware's vCenter management console.

The software aims to help organizations tasked with having to separately manage resources running on different hypervisors. The HotLink SuperVisor controls workloads running on hypervisors such as VMware's ESX, Red Hat's Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM), Citrix's XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V -- all centrally managed using VMware vCenter.

While there are a variety of cloud automation and hypervisor management tools, some experts say the level of integration HotLink has with VMware, including the ability to not just deploy resources, but also migrate workloads between various hypervisors, sets this startup apart from other management tools.

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Today's announcement of Version 2 of HotLink's SuperVisor has deeper integration with VMware products, such as vCloud Director. HotLink has also updated software for managing public cloud resources from the central management hub. HotLink's Hybrid Express allows vCenter to manage Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) resources from Amazon Web Services, for example.

"This is enabling vCenter to be a single hub of administration, management and integration for disparate resource types on and off premises," says CEO and co-founder of the company Lynn LeBlanc. "That whole ecosystem of VMware products can integrate in a single place, and it now has the benefit of these other platforms and hybrid resources natively integrated."

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