NuoDB, a new approach to SQL databases

By Mark Gibbs, Network World |  Software, databases, NuoDB

So, how powerful is NuoDB? The company claims that a load of 1 million transactions per second could be handled by NuoDB running on 20 cheap servers connected by Gigabit Ethernet. Running on Amazon EC2, Windows, Linux, OS X and Solaris, NuoDB can use a local file system, Amazon S3 or a Hadoop Distributed File System for storage.

There are two no-cost editions: Free, which supports two hosts and 4GB of storage (HDFS is not supported as a storage option) and is available for users, while Developer (for development only, of course) allows for unlimited hosts and has no storage limits. If you want to use NuoDB for production systems then pricing starts at a very reasonable $1,200 per annum for two hosts and 16GB of storage.

Prior to the January launch some 3,000 beta users had signed up, and at the launch NuoDB announced that AutoZone, the automotive parts distributor and retailer, will be implementing the database for provisioning and management of up-to-the-minute digital signage in its 5,000 outlets in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico and Brazil.

For high-performance, resilient, low-cost database solutions, NuoDB is definitely worth checking out.

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