'Chromebook Pixel': the Google PC we've been waiting for?

New evidence found in Google's Chrome OS code is fueling rumors that a high-end device is on the way.

By Katherine Noyes, PC World |  Hardware, Chrome OS, Chromebook

There's been virtually no end in sight to the Chromebook phenomenon over the past few months, with new entries popping up practically every time you turn around.

It was Acer and Samsung that kicked off the line, of course, but since then we've seen both HP and Lenovo join the fray.

The latest rumors, however, point to something many will likely consider more exciting: a high-end Chromebook from Google itself dubbed the Chromebook Pixel.

'4 million pixels'

The rumors began last week with the appearance of a purportedly leaked video on YouTube.

"A new kind of computer, designed entirely by Google," proclaims the narrator of the video, which was apparently created by the mysterious Slinky.Me agency. "Concept video for a 2560x1700 resolution, touch-enabled Chromebook with 4 million pixels" is how the accompanying text describes the device.

Fresh evidence

Speculation has been running wild since then, of course--tempered at least to some extent by a healthy dose of skepticism, which hasn't been diminished by some additional investigation done by CNET. People have long been seeing "signs" of a Google Chromebook on the horizon.

This week, however, Jan Willem Aldershoff, founder of digital storage community MyCE, claimed to have found evidence in Google's own code pointing to the veracity of this latest round of rumors.

'Google Link'

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