Data backup should never be Plan B

By Mark Lafferty, Director, Systems Solutions, Servers and Storage, CDW, Network World |  Data Protection, Backup & Recovery

  • Backup software protects critical data and enables its recovery within a business' recovery time objective (RTO). This is vital for maintaining business continuity. The best software options offer continuous protection for both file servers and databases.
  • Tape-based backup systems are favored because of low cost and portability. Current trends have shifted focus to disk-based systems, which often provide faster access and recovery capability, but the low cost and reliability of tape help it to remain a preferred method of long-term storage.
  • Organizations typically back up similar or identical files on multiple devices. Data deduplication, or data compression, reduces the amount of storage used for these files. Storage companies typically use deduplication within virtual environments.
  • Implementing a data archiving plan can help an organization prioritize which data should be stored on more accessible disk-based systems and which can move to tape-based storage for long-term retention. Moving older data that is not actively in use to tape can save money and improve backup efficiency.
  • Having a disaster recovery plan is also critical to avoiding permanent data loss. Organizations can store data off-site by physically moving tape or external hard drives to another location - including the cloud. Both options are effective, but virtual options generally provide faster recovery.

The threat of data loss is here to stay. According to Gartner's IT predictions for 2012 and beyond, the financial impact of cybercrime on businesses will increase by 10% annually through 2016. Effective backup strategies can save money, improve business continuity and eliminate the headaches associated with missing data. Businesses of all sizes should implement backup strategies as soon as possible, and trusted solutions providers like CDW can design a customized backup strategy that will leave your organization prepared for whatever the future may hold.

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