Desktop virtualization cheat sheet

A collection of articles, slideshows, multimedia content on desktop virtualization/virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

By Network World Staff, Network World |  Hardware, desktop virtualization, vdi

Liquefying IT Though centrally executing and managing desktop images offers many benefits to both IT and end-users, the potential impact on the network and other underlying data center infrastructure should not be overlooked.



Desktop virtualization key to reduced power consumption By moving to a virtualized desktop client, IT shops can ditch power-hungry 300 watt desktops in favor of juice-sipping 75w thin clients. That switch has a number of backend benefits as well, says Nemertes' Andreas Antonopoulos, who sees big things for desktop virtualization in 2009


Desktop Virtualization Cheat Sheet compiled via Network World and its sister publications.Also see: 100G Ethernet Cheat Sheet

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