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The Computing Technology Industry Association, or CompTIA, in late 2009 polled some 1,537 high-tech workers and found 37% intend to pursue a security certification over the next five years. Separately, nearly 20% indicated they would seek ethical hacking certification over the same time period. And another 13% pinpointed forensics as the next certification goal in their career development.

"When you add the results, you will see that about two-thirds of IT workers intend to add some type of security certification to their portfolio," said Terry Erdle, senior vice president of skills certifications at CompTIA, in an earlier Network World interview. "This trend is driven by two factors: one, security issues are pervasive, and two, more and more people are moving to managed services and software-as-a-service models, which involves more complex networking. That level of non-enterprise data center computing has people looking more closely at their security infrastructure."

2. Virtual systems manager

While many systems managers might not yet have the word "virtual" officially in their titles, it is just a matter of time, according to industry experts.

"Virtualization and automation technologies are directly related to the cloud. Virtual servers comprise the computing environment and automation is responsible for the cloud being monitoring, management, secured and made compliant," says Andi Mann, research director at Enterprise Management Associates. "Virtualization is fundamentally mainstream now, and there is a lot of activity around virtual systems management."

Like high-tech vendors, IT pros will have to incorporate virtual systems knowledge into their repertoire in order to compete for open positions in 2010. Virtualization not only impacts current data center plans, but also future cloud computing efforts and while companies look to adopt such technologies, they will expect staff to be versed in the tools required to support new environments.

"We get several calls per week around SaaS, cloud and virtual skills that companies want guidance on, considering we are the vendor-neutral party," CompTIA's Erdle explained in late 2009. "CompTIA is working now on building certifications programs to release in 2010 and get in front of this growing demand."

3. Capacity manager

Companies that don't properly prepare for needed resources could lose money or fail to respond to business needs. That's why industry watchers from Forrester Research and Gartner have tagged capacity planning skills as in demand, especially considering the down economy.

Forrester says the role of capacity manager will be in demand for companies looking to optimize resources and accurately assign financial values to technology resources.

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