10 best IT jobs right now

By Denise Dubie, Network World |  Career, IT jobs

"Due to the current economic environment, downsizing (or rightsizing) of infrastructure, resources and capabilities is a top priority for IT," Forrester Senior Analyst Evelyn Hubbert stated in the Forrester Research report "Role Overview: Capacity Manager."  

Gartner identifies a similar skill set in its IT resource planning position. By combining the tenets of capacity planning with financial management as well as usage and service measurement, IT resource planning experts will help IT departments understand how services and resources are consumed. This knowledge will help IT respond to business demands quickly.

"Capacity planning today is all about trying to ensure that you have enough capacity and memory cycles to meet workload demand. But virtualization causes new variables to be taken into consideration, and power consumption is just one among many," said Cameron Haight, research vice president at Gartner, in an interview with Network World. "For IT resource planning (ITRP) there are several more elements to consider and the process must become much more strategic within an enterprise."

4. Network engineer

As retro as it may sound, network know-how won't go out of style in 2010. According to Gartner, interest in networking,  voice and data communications technologies increased for 2010, meaning skills in that high-tech area will also be in demand.

"The future of IT and enhanced competitive advantage requires social interactions and greater collaboration and that is why the importance of the network continues to grow," Gartner's McDonald says. "Even though revenue was down in 2009, CIOs reported that transaction volumes and communications requirements continued to grow, making it imperative to focus on network technologies."

5. Open source specialist

Companies keeping IT budgets lean but hoping to add services and help business return to growth will be considering open source software for more enterprise projects. And while several open source software maker offer commercial support packages, IT managers will want to have some skills in-house as well, according to IT talent experts.

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