10 best IT jobs right now

By Denise Dubie, Network World |  Career, IT jobs

"The service catalog manager is responsible for producing and maintaining the service catalog. This includes responsibilities that fall into three categories -- planning and implementing a service catalog, financial management aspects of a service catalog, and rollout and maintenance of service catalog," reads a recent Forrester Research report. "A service catalog manager can play a significant role as a change agent from a utility IT organization to a service-focused IT organization."

10. Business process engineer

Demand for business-savvy technologists will drive hiring decisions in 2010, as companies look to evolve processes to align with leaner budgets and more streamlined operations. According to Gartner's Mok, companies will seek business process engineers for re-engineering projects in the coming year.

"We see a lot of people using ERP systems and engaging in business process re-engineering projects," she said. "Those coming from the business side or being very well versed in the business processes are in good positions. Combining the knowledge of the technical systems with business processes will help IT professionals get and keep key positions."

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