Everything Old Is New Again at PMA 2010

A lot of the new imaging technology at the PMA 2010 photography show has a decidedly retro slant. Take a look.

By Heather Kelly, Macworld, and Tim Moynihan, PCWorld Hardware, fujifilm, pentax

Minox Brings Back Intrigue With the DSC Spy Camera

For a camera that's supposed to be designed for surreptitious use, the DSC Spy Camera from Minox is certainly eye-catching. The DSC is a digital take on Minox's classic film camera, which was used by spies as far back as the 1940s. The 5-megapixel, $200 camera is 3.4 inches long and 1.2 inches high, shoots still images as well as video clips, and comes with a detachable external flash that doubles as an LCD display for previewing your images. Minox is creating an entire line of spy-inspired gear, including a pen, sunglasses, and a belt equipped with hidden cameras.

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